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When Mr Schuester showed the original Glee club where Finn’s plaque final resting place was, I have to admit, I was glad Sam and Blaine weren’t included.

I found it really rude and disrespectful. I’m tired of the concept of “originals” being better. I’m tired of writers and fandom acting like they are the only ones that mourned Finn. I lost my best friend my senior year and I did not exclude anybody from mourning her just because I was closer or knew her longer. Sam and Blaine loved Finn too. So did the newbies. They all also were changed by Glee club and frankly I’m tired of the “being part of something special makes you special” concept only applying to the originals. Glee used to be about finding a place where you belong and then they added newbies just so they could show us that you have to fit a certain criteria if you want be the special part of a special group. And as somebody that has also felt let out of many groups I thought I belonged in I don’t want to be one of those kids that always feels left out and knows they’ll probably never be part of that “special” part. I don’t particularly like the newbies but I think it would have been more impactful if everybody was together and came together to show that they were all just as important.



The Family Dinner

I’ve never hit reblog so fast in my life,

  • Dean brings his ‘best friend’ Cas over for dinner when Sam is home from school, and then discovers that Sam’s brought back Jess as well.
  • Everything goes wonderfully until afterwards, over dessert, when Jess asks Cas when he and Dean got together because she legitimately thinks they’re dating.
  • Sam tries to awkwardly explain that Dean and Cas aren’t actually- they’re not- and Cas cuts him off and shyly says “last month.”
  • Jess continues smiling at Cas and telling him that he and Dean are super cute together.
  • Sam, Mary, and John all turn slowly to look at Dean in absolute shock.
  • Dean coughs and asks for more pie.

(Fuente: theplushbear)

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